Having a good college grade is good, but applying for an MBA in university needs a compelling personal statement. The essay needs to tell the admission person your good qualities that make you suitable for the program. You need to ensure that you bring out your strengths in a very compelling manner to help the selection panel know you. The person reading your essay should tell who you are before meeting you physically in the interview. Your paper should be clean and free from grammatical and typo errors .once you are writing the essay, allow some people to go over your document, and make any necessary corrections before submission.

Below are some of the tips you can use in writing a good MBA personal statement:

Show Your Personality

An essay is an opportunity to show the reader about your personality. In your essay, ensure that you communicate clearly about the characters you feel are appropriate to the admissions office. Different people have different personalities and histories. Demonstrate in your essay how your unique qualities set you apart from the rest. Explain to the reader how your unique nature makes you suitable for the MBA program.

Indicate Your Goals

Share your goals and career plans in the business school. A business school allows finding yourself.  You should also include in your essay the MBA program that will help shape your career path. Remember to also share your new goals after admission to the business school and how it will change and contribute to your achievement.

Be True To Yourself in Your Essay

The admission committee reads a lot of student essays. They can tell a genuine piece or not. Maintain your personality when writing rather than faking. Let your essay have a natural flow and void using filler words that you think the admissions person wants to see. If you keep on forcing keywords, the report will lack your most important character, which should be visible to the reader.

Determine Your Passion

You may be aspiring to write an essay that will make the admissions want to meet you and more about yourself in an interview, right! Go for your passion. Find out what you like and make your essay out of it. Such a topic will make you plan an exciting article that will motivate the reader to finish your piece.

Look at Your Achievement and Professional Experience

Your essay will be containing your personality and character that best describes you. Remember to explain how your personality and skills helped achieve specific goals in your career life. Have an explanation for professional achievement and explain how they affect your plans and goals for the MBA program.

Indicate Your Experience in Executive MBA (EMBA)

Students enrolling in an EMBA program are managers or executives working in a particular organization with some practical working experience. Demonstrate in your essay how you have been able to demonstrate leadership and professional skills in your previous work experience.

Apply Optional Essay in Explaining Your Negative Characters

The committee will find it interesting to understand some of your shortcomings. When responding to such an aspect, please share some challenges and mistakes you made and the lessons you learned from them.


Qualifying for a business school needs a good essay, ensure that you cover all the aspects required to qualify for the MBA. Follow the above guidelines to avoid committing a mistake in your report that will attract a low score.

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