There is no specific way of writing a winning application essay. All existent scholarship entries that were a success have a uniqueness employed by the authors that made them award-winning. A scholarship application essay should be exclusive to its author and provide insight into the author’s past, present, and future aspirations. The author’s response to the subject should stand out, and through this, the essay captures the judge’s attention and gets the win.

Here are some of the essential tips for any prospective scholarship winner that help shape a winning scholarship application essay.

Identify the key themes in the essay statement

Reading and re-reading through the essay statement will shed light on what the author needs to know. It opens the author’s mind to broader horizons of his experiences that they should express in the essay’s body.

Understand the critical themes beyond the initial level of comprehension

The more the author understands the themes and what they mean, the easier it is to reflect on himself/herself and draw scenarios to demonstrate and express his/her abilities. From that, one can then describe the results he has achieved that will significantly influence the decision-making team. You need to sincerely read through the essay question to understand the theme before drafting your essay. A good understanding of the article will help you use correct and relevant illustrations when you bring out your personality.

Demonstrate commitment to addressing the essay question

Any author should use keywords or synonyms of the keywords in the scholarship statement throughout the essay to better understand what the scholarship providers’ needs. Make an effort to ensure you indicate references to the keywords. It will show the admission committee that you read and understood the instruction of the essay.

Show a broader scope of knowledge to the subject of the essay

A winnings scholarship essay portrays that the author is the best person to pursue the intended course to its end; therefore, a good essay’s opening statement should include a quote or information related to the planned time. A grand opening statement convinces the judges that it’s a lucrative investment to support you through the chosen course. Make your strong statements that will showcase your upbeat personality and hook the reader on your essay.

Understand the evaluation of application essays criteria used by the concerned scholarship committee judges

Any author should know the judges’ criteria to evaluate scholarship application essays on the themes covered by the essay statement. The author needs to address all areas covered by the paper question whether the question explicitly asks for it or not. Be aware of all that it takes for successful selection in the application process. Ensure you address all the critical issues outlined in the essay instruction to avoid missing points over wrong responses.

Other aspects to include in your scholarship essay statement:

  • Your past leadership experiences
  • Reason for your engagement in the leadership. Give an explanation for what inspired t you to take a leadership position.
  • The lesson you learned as a leader and how they shaped your leadership skills and experience.
  • Your future leadership goals
  • Your impact or change you are creating in the community. Discuss your efforts in the community projects and your contributions towards the change. Explain the importance of your impact on the community and your motivating factor for the community project.


When writing a scholarship application essay, the most critical aspect is to bring out who you are, the relevant life experiences that depict your abilities, and your future goals in the course. Emphasize your passions and skills, coupled with a positive mindset and carefully selected language. Finally, be enthusiastic about your accomplishments and the plans you seek to accomplish in the future. Your essay will be among the best!

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