Writing an essay about “my home town” is always an exciting paper. You will find it easy to flow when writing because you are writing about a place you know too well. But you still need to learn how to write a perfect essay on this topic. Ask yourself, what does the grader want? What should I include in the paper? 

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you start writing your essay. However, most students would consider seeking writing help at this point. 

But it doesn’t matter if you will end up using a professional or doing it yourself. No knowledge is a waste, so check out this sample essay of “my home town.” 

A sample essay about my home town

I hail from a town called Sur, which I find to be one of the best places to live in on planet earth. It is comfortable and blessed with vibrant and lovely individuals. Growing up here was great. I had the opportunity to mingle with beautiful people who today are in my circle. There were also a lot of interactions in my neighborhood. And it was the same thing throughout my home town. The young and the old lived like one. We were all so close that no one went through challenges alone. I remember my family having some serious financial difficulties growing up and how the neighbors came to our rescue. 

An advantage of living here is hospitality. Many who visited never wanted to go back after staying in my home town for a few weeks. I witnessed a couple of them extend their stay, and it was amazing seeing such happening. But as I grew older, things started changing. A once quiet neighborhood became noisy. There were more loud neighbors and house parties taking place now and then. Crime became an issue and placed the home town in the news for the wrong reasons every week. However, the neighbors started working together and eliminated the crime and rowdiness the neighborhood was experiencing. 

There are many things one can do and enjoy in my home town. There are several sporting facilities and a standard library for those seeking a quiet place to read. There are also various historical sites to learn about the people, culture, and history of my home town. Tourists from different countries visit these places in their numbers. There is also a place to learn martial arts at any level. Another advantage of living in my home town is that you will find basic amenities and diverse recreational facilities which are open to everyone. There are four soccer fields, two basketball courts, and a cricket pitch, which are always open to the public. 

Hundreds of strangers also visit my home town to enjoy the beautiful beach and play diverse water sports. There’s also an annual festival that witnesses a large turnout every year. My home town is one of the best places anyone would be proud to call home.


My home town essay is simply a paper about your home town, which happens to be the place you grew up. These types of essays are quite straightforward. But there are things you need to include to stand out from the crowd. What makes a story interesting is how it is structured. Another impressive thing about these choices of essay is that you can find cheap professional help.

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