This is a type of writing that provides an analysis or evaluation of a particular subject (person, place, thing, etc.). This writing naturally incorporates some kind of personal opinion, but the emphasis should be focused on facts and be as unbiased as possible. College-aged students often have to write a self-evaluation essay for themselves at the end of a semester, but that is for another article. Here, we are going to focus our attention on writing an evaluation on a subject outside and independent of the writer.

How to Write an Evaluation Essay

  • Choose a Subject to Evaluate

    You need to provide an unbiased critical analysis of whatever you choose to write about. And you are expected to present your evaluation as an expert, so you must familiarize yourself with the subject as much as possible. Make sure you are able to do this without limitations.

  • Draft a Tentative Thesis Statement

    Instead of presenting your argument on a topic, you will be stating the purpose of your evaluation. In concise terms you should state the most important criteria you will be using to make your decision.

  • Define the Criteria You Will Use

    Can you easily spot what it is you will be using to make your judgment? Write down several points and consider what will be most valuable in your decision-making process and in the way the reader perceives the subject you are evaluating.

  • Gather Info and Create the Outline

    The evaluation essay outline will look a lot like a standard outline – the introduction will introduce your subject and provide a thesis statement, the body paragraphs will discuss each of the items you use in your evaluation criteria, and the conclusion will provide your final evaluation summary.

Evaluation Essay Topics

  1. Choose any classic film and evaluate the way it utilizes setting, costumes, and dialogue to portray the time in history it takes place.
  2. Choose a restaurant you have visited and analyze the effectiveness of its décor, menu choices, and service establishes its intended ambiance.
  3. Evaluate a restaurant’s authenticity by considering the menu, decorations, color scheme, and music choices to establish the setting.
  4. Choose a local professional sports team in any sport and evaluate how effective management and marketing has been to build or grow its brand.
  5. Analyze how Title 9 has changed since it was first made law and how it has evolved with the way athletic programs are impacted.
  6. Choose a restaurant-based food item sold in supermarkets and evaluate whether its nutritional value is comparable to its fresh-made counterpart.
  7. Analyze the cost and nutrition of a fast food item (e.g., burgers and fries) and determine if it is a better choice for consumers.
  8. Evaluate customer service at a Starbucks or other popular chain coffee shop and determine whether independents offer better value.
  9. Choose a favorite local sports team and evaluate the success it has had in the last 10 years, 5 years, and 1 year.
  10. Evaluate the overall experience for the wedding couple and their guests when getting married at a destination wedding versus a local church.
  11. Analyze how effective a modern romantic comedy characterizes traditional romantic views versus contemporary romantic views.
  12. Evaluate the most recent version of a popular mobile phone and determine whether it provides a better value in comparison to similar competitors.

This simple guide and essay ideas will help you get going. You don’t have to use the topics we provide here, but if you want to practice they make for interesting places to start. For more assistance, check out our full line of services and products. We are available to help you throughout the year and can tackle assignments of any type and in any discipline.

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