Essay writing is a new skill that senior high school students need to learn. Most students get confused about how to structure and format their work to meet the essay instructions’ standards. There are two useful options after writing an essay. The admissions will either accept or reject your paper. It will depend on how you stand out from the rest of the students with similar qualifications. Learning this essay formatting and structuring will help you to produce a good write up.

General Guidelines for Formatting College Essay

Your essay format will determine the method of submission. You will decide whether your essay will be a document or a text box submission. Regardless of how you will submit your report, here are some guidelines for formatting a paper.

  • It is unnecessary to have titles in your work. They eat up unnecessary space of your work and contribute to increasing your word count.
  • Ensure you meet your word count are within the limit.
  • Indent your paragraphs correctly or double space them.
  • When submitting as a text box, ensure the following.
  • Avoid italics and bolding your test since the formatting is not transferable to the text box.
  • Pay special attention to the essay that needs to take a particular shape. A text box will not uphold such a format. Additionally, it will make your writing appear gimmicky.
  • Ensure that there is a clear separation of paragraphs. The text box can undo the spacing and indent formatting.

When attaching a document, look at the following guidelines:

  • Ensure you use standard formatting instructions in your essay, such as a font of 12, and times new Romans.
  • Consider a spacing of either 1.5 or double spacing.
  • Allow your document margin to be 1-inch
  • Save your essay document in the form of a PDF. Such file format is not editable; hence it will secure your copy from unintentional editing.
  • The numbering of each page should be with your last name. Either as a footer or header. For instance, if your last name is XXXX, then you can number it as XXXX 1.

A Conventional Structure of a College Essay

After understanding the formatting of the article, you can now look at the structure of your essay.

There are three typical college essay structures: Montage or series of anecdotes, the moment, and the narrative is a story existing for an extended period.

In The Moment Narrative

In this form of conventional structure, you share moments at a tie explaining the events. The reader will be able to experience your emotion and event with you. The system is the best when sharing experiences involving emotion, internal dialogue, and reflections.

The Narrative Told Over an Extended Period

In such a structure, you share stories that took place across many different occurrences. It is best for writing a story with many parts. You can use this structure when writing an essay on your development over time.

Montage (series of anecdote)

The essay structure allows you to focus on the essential experiences of a single line story. It also will enable you to feature multiple accounts that show your personality.


Never try forcing unconventional structure in your writing. It will deny you an admission chance. An excellent creative form will flow naturally from you. It will help you bring out a good essay about yourself. Go for such a structure.

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