The cause and effect essay is a fun one to do because you get to take something and then figure out why something happens with that subject. And there are thousands of different topics that you can do your paper on and this list is just some of the most interesting topics that you can cover.

Intriguing Cause and Effect Topics

  • What are the causes for men to be timid about commitment?
  • How kind of effect does having an abortion have on a person’s dating life?
  • What causes kids to rebel against their peers?
  • How does social media affect relationships? You can look at family, friends, or significant other for this one.
  • What are some of the causes of poverty in the United States and how does it affect the people that are affected by it and others?
  • What is the cause of poor water quality for millions of people around the world?
  • What has caused the rise of obese people including children in the United States over the last ten years or so?
  • What kind of effects does stress have on a person’s overall health?
  • How does the use of cell phone with teenager’s effect them?
  • What is the cause for social media sites to lose their popularity?
  • What causes bored kids in school?
  • What kinds of effects can homeschooling have on children?
  • If boys and girls were in separated in classrooms, would this cause them to learn better?
  • What was the cause of the drug war in Colombia?
  • What is the effect of immigration on the United States? Or you could pick any country you want to do this one on.
  • Pick a business and research the effect of online sales for that business.
  • What is the effect that the Internet has on printed newspapers, magazines, books, or other traditional printed medias?

This list is a great start to choose a topic that you want for your cause and effect essay. And if you don’t like this list, there are tons of other resources online that will give you 100 or more different topics that you can choose from. This is a great kind of paper to write and once you find the perfect topic, you will have fun writing the essay because your eyes will be open to a new topic that you don’t know about.

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