Guide to Writing an A+ Descriptive Essay

What Is a Descriptive Essay? Descriptive essay writing is a genre of writing that asks people to describe something with as much detail as possible. The subject is usually a noun (person, place or thing) but can be concepts like verbs or adjectives just as well. It encourages people to use descriptive language to give an account of specific first-hand experience.

This kind of writing challenges people to paint a picture, in a sense, that a reader can easily imagine. It’s often a starting point for narrative or creative pieces. There is a large amount of artistry and innovative uses of language that is always recommended as it usually leaves a lasting impression on the audience that can be an effective tool for developing a dedicated readership.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay

There are five simple steps toward writing a descriptive essay, including:

  1. Spend time brainstorming and freewriting

    No matter the subject, take your time coming up with different ways to describe that subject. Jot down your first ideas and expand on them by mind-mapping. Start with single terms then develop them into longer phrases that create a picture.

  2. Use concise and clear language to describe

    Vocabulary is extremely important in descriptive writing. And while you are encouraged to develop language by using a dictionary and a thesaurus, one should be careful with what words you use. Use vivid language but be sure to keep things concise and clear.

  3. Write a draft before thinking about revision

    Your first draft should come out naturally and with fluidity. What this means for most writers is that one shouldn’t focus too much or too long on proper phrasing or terminology. Just get down your ideas on the page and then come back to it with your revisions.

  4. Edit and proofread thoroughly, then format

    No matter how well you think you have expressed your experience, you will still benefit from thorough editing and proofing of your paper. Most writers will be able to cut their writing down by about 30% and committing energies towards these actions will improve your writing a lot.

  5. Get an independent reader for a critical review

    Finally, make sure you ask a friend, tutor, or teacher to read your essay before turning it in for a grade. An independent reader can give you a constructive critique and provide recommendations if there are ways to improve the work.

Descriptive Essay Topics to Think About

  1. Describe your favorite childhood pet and experience you had with it.
  2. Describe an instance where a parent proved to be highly creative.
  3. Describe a favorite moment from your childhood and why it sticks out.
  4. Describe a memory you had with your best friend from elementary.
  5. Describe a piece of furniture that helps you relax and de-stress.
  6. Describe a day in your life when you faced a terrible burden.
  7. Describe something from your childhood that entertained you.
  8. Describe the type of house you would want to live in when you retire.
  9. Describe the person in your life who has been the best companion.
  10. Describe a celebrity (actor, musician, etc.) you would like to have lunch with.
  11. Describe the best high school or college party you have ever attended.
  12. Describe how you would spend your time with your grandparents.
  13. Describe the most exciting way for you to spend a family vacation.
  14. Describe your favorite memory with your childhood best friend.
  15. Describe a favorite food you enjoy to prepare for other people.

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