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There are lots of choices when it comes to college majors. In New York State, there are so many different schools to choose from as well.

Nursing is a popular choice. While most nursing students decide upon a four-year degree and earn their RN or BSN degree, many students who aren't sure if nursing is the right career for them will instead start out as a LPN, which allows them to get started as a nurse before spending four years at college. Click here to learn more about nursing programs.

Similar to a nursing career is dental assisting, where your job is to assist in the dental care of patients. There are two different specific jobs in the dental office other than the dentist, there is the hygienists who actually works inside the mouth of the patient, doing much of the actual dental maintenance and cleaning, and the dental assistant who otherwise just helps the attending dentist out. Dental Assistant can help you out if this is of interest to you.

Lots of students are still enrolling in business school. Graduating from college with a business degree and a little actual work experience is still a great way to get a good first job. A site such as can help you find a college that offers the type of major that you find interesting -- finance, marketing, management, technology management, etc.

You can always enter into a culinary arts training school too. Professional cooks are needed in a variety of restaurants, hotels, resorts, schools, hospitals and other institutions and companies. Most professional chefs got their first job after only a short period of formal training. And you can start the same way. Look into culinary arts training courses in your town.

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